Paper and Presentation Information

Presentation Guidelines:

Each panel will consist of between three and five presentations. Chairs will contact the members of their panels prior to the conference to request information for introductions. Please respond promptly when contacted by your chair.

Presenters will be given a maximum of 15 minutes for their presentations. Chairs will strictly enforce this limit. After each presentation, there will be 10 minutes for discussion and questions.

Presenters will be asked by chairs to be “informal” discussants for at least one of the other presentations in the panel. Discussant comments should be between three and five minutes. Conference papers are available here.

Presentation Files:

Presenters will be expected to bring their presentations (in either powerpoint or pdf format) on a flash drive. The chair of your session will coordinate loading the files just before the panel begins.

If you desire to use presentation slides, please submit them before the conference to Kimberly Bills. Please include your full name in the filename.

Paper Submissions:

Papers should be submitted by September 15 to Kimberly Bills. The papers will be posted on the conference website after they are submitted. Please write "PAPER" as the email's subject and include your full name in the filename of the document.

Paper Format:

All papers will be considered for publication in JPAM and in an Oxford University Press volume on possible decline of the middle class around the world. Therefore, please follow the Oxford guidelines for formatting your papers.

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