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(Extended to September 15 2009)

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Migration: A World in Motion
A Multinational Conference on Migration and Migration Policy

Organized by

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
University of Maryland School of Public Policy
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

Conference date: February 18, 2010 through February 20, 2010
Location: University of Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands

Internal and transnational migration is a policy issue of fast-growing political, economic, social and diplomatic importance in the twenty-first century. This conference will look at international migration from an academic and policy perspective as well as views from different continents and from a range of disciplines.

To explore these and related topics, the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Maryland School of Public Policy in collaboration with the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) will hold a conference in Maastricht, from February 18, 2010 through February 20, 2010.

The conference is designed to attract a worldwide audience, including academics and professionals from universities, think tanks, government agencies, the private sector, civil society, and beyond. Papers will be presented in topic-oriented panels with presenters and discussants. The conference will explore lessons from various regions that may be applicable in other parts of the world

Program co-chairs:

Prof. Chris de Neubourg
Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, Maastricht University
Academic Director, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance
Professor of Comparative Economic Studies

Prof. Douglas J. Besharov
School of Public Policy, University of Maryland
Immediate Past President, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
Co-editor, Comparative policy analysis series, Oxford University Press

Program committee: For detailed information about Program Committee members, please click here.

The conference agenda is broad. Possible topics for papers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Migration, Remittances and Development

Migration and development are high on the international agenda. There is little doubt that voluntary migration from poor countries to rich countries almost always benefits the individual migrant and reduces poverty in the home country. The question is whether the benefits to individuals and those left behind also spill over to the home country and promotes growth. There is contradictory evidence in this area thus far.

  • Circular/Return Migration

Increasingly, policymakers are considering whether circular migration could improve the likelihood that global mobility gains will be shared by migrant-origin and destination countries alike — as well as by migrants themselves.

  • Highly skilled migration

    Highly skilled migrants are the most sought after migrants in the world. Some countries actively recruit highly skilled migrants andare very successful at it. Others would like these migrants but are less successful at attracting them. Other countries worry about the implications of the highly skilled moving out of their countries. The attraction and effects of the movement of the highly skilled are areas in need of further research and discussion.

  • Migration flows and patterns

    Migration takes on many different flows and patterns. It is important to understand the possibilities for these flows in the future as well as their effects.

  • Immigration, Integration and Citizenship

    The issues most highly pursued on the agendas of te migrant receiving countries are immigration flows, integration and citizenship. Many countries deal with these issues in different ways. It is important for us to better understand what is wanted from these policies and what is successful.

Abstract submissions: closed.

Abstract instructions: For instructions, please click here.

Deadline:The deadline for abstract submissions is 15 September 2009. (Extended)

Language: Please note that English will be the official language of the conference. Papers and presentations are expected to be delivered in English.

15 Sept 2009: Deadline to submit proposals(Extended)
1 Sept. 2009: Proposal status notifications
1 Sept. 2009: Early registration begins
21 Dec. 2009: Early registration ends, regular registration begins
8 Jan. 2010: Papers due for distribution/Program available online
5 Feb. 2010: Regular registration ends; all additional registrations must be made on-site
18 Feb. 2010: Welcome dinner for paper presenters, panel chairs, and panel discussants
19 Feb. 2010: Opening plenary and keynote address

Registration is closed.

Early registration will close on 7 December 2009. Regular registration will close on 25 January 2010. After this date, registration will be available on-site at the conference.

Persons in low-income countries: You may be eligible for a waiver of the registration fee. Instructions for applying for a waiver will be available when you complete the registration process

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Hotel accommodations: Maastricht University is coordinating hotel accommodations in Maastricht for the conference.

Post-conference publication: Papers from the conference will be considered for publication in the Oxford University Press Series on “Comparative Policy Analysis.” Information about the series is available at:

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Contact Person: 
Floor Bergmans
Project Manager TRP

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance 
P.O. Box 616 
6200 MD Maastricht