Policy, Program, and Budgetary Reviews by Specialized Analytic Units of the US and EU

Similarities, Differences, and Cross-Atlantic Lessons

Pre-conference workshop
Annual Meeting of the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management

11:00 AM-5:00 PM
November 16, 2022
Washington, DC
Washington Hilton (1919 Connecticut Avenue NW; Room: Jefferson West)

Governments everywhere must make increasingly complex decisions on an ever-widening array of issues. To assist decision makers, both the United States and the European Union have established quasi-independent, specialized analytic units that assess (1) proposed legislation, regulations, programs, and spending; and (2) the implementation, effectiveness, and efficiency of operating policies and programs.

This workshop will bring together senior US officials from Congressional Budget Office, the Congressional Research Service, the Government Accountability Office, and the Office of Management and Budget with their European counterparts at the European Court of Auditors, the European Parliamentary Research Service, and the Regulatory Scrutiny Board.

The leaders will describe commonalities and differences in analytical approaches; qualitative and quantitative techniques; and their sensitivity to political, economic, and normative considerations—first in general terms and then in the context of their major functions relating to (1) program planning, (2) ex ante and ex post impact and cost analyses (including the evaluation methodologies they employ), and (3) estimates of the effects of tax and spending decisions. Ample time will be available for audience interaction. The point would not be that one unit’s approach is smarter or wiser than another, but that it could provide practical operational and substantive insights to the APPAM audience.

Workshop Faculty
United States European Union
Theresa Gullo
Director of Budget Analysis
Congressional Budget Office

Sharmila Choudhury
Assistant Director, Social Policy Division
Congressional Research Service
Wolfgang Hiller
Head, Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value
European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

Emily Sinnott
Head of Division for Policy and Strategy Division, Economics Department
European Investment Bank

Martin Weber
Director of Audit Chamber II, Investments for Cohesion, Growth and Inclusion
European Court of Auditors
11:00-11:15: Welcome

Douglas Besharov
University of Maryland

Norbert Wunner
Head of Economics and Financial Affairs
EU Delegation to the US

11:15-12:30: Organizational Settings

Workshop faculty

12:45-1:30: Lunch Keynote

Joseph Dunne
European Parliament Liaison Office

1:30-2:45: Policy Planning and Ex Ante Analyses

Workshop faculty

3:00-4:15: Ex Post and (In Medias Res) Analyses

Workshop faculty

4:15-5:00: Wrap Up

J. Christopher Mihm
Former Managing Director for Strategic Issues
Government Accountability Office

Kathryn Newcomer
George Washington University

To register for the workshop, please click here. On-site registration will also be available. Any questions or difficulties with registration can be sent to registration@appam.org.

Price: $90 for individuals who are not members of APPAM, $75 for APPAM members, and $40 for student members of APPAM.

Note: Some of the workshop faculty will participate in a roundtable on “European and US COVID-Relief Programs: Comparing Experiences and Lessons for the Future” at APPAM on Thursday, November 17 from 10:15—11:45 (Room: Jefferson East).